Wouldn’t It Be Nice if Work Orders Were Digital?
If you work in the service tech industry, then you know all about paper. When one job order comes in, the details are written down on a scratch of paper. Those notes are then dispatched to the nearest service tech - or the one with the most availability - who must transcribe them for him or herself. Enter opportunity #1 for mistakes and errors - the transcription of notes from one person to another.
Not only are work orders handed out on paper, they are carried to job sites as paper; sometimes dirty, messy job sites where work orders can get tarnished with who knows what as your service techs are busy doing their jobs. That’s opportunity #2 for mistakes and errors - the harsh condition of many job site environments can make it easy for work orders to get damaged. 
After a long day on the job, your service technicians then have to add notes to work orders to explain what was done at the job site. That’s opportunity #3 for mistakes and errors - because we all know that our hard-working service techs are often tired at the end of a long day out in the field, and that they can easily, by accident of course, write down the wrong information, or have handwriting that is hard to decipher.
With paper work orders, your service techs need to physically come into the office to turn them in. But every time they’re making the trek from the field to the office, they’re not on a job site, billing clients. That means that just the act of round-tripping a work order is costing you money. Not to mention the fact that the frequent days of delays in getting your work orders means it takes more time before your accounting team can bill your clients for the job. 
Wouldn’t it be nice if work orders were digital? Well, with Service and Track, it can be.
Service and Track is a digital work order management system that is designed to be used from project start to finish - whether in the office or in the field. The cloud-based solution - meaning it’s accessed via a website and not a downloaded application - can be viewed on a desktop in the office, or in the field on a tablet, laptop or a tablet PC.
When you’re using Service and Track for digital work order management, everything is clearer - and faster. As soon as a job comes in, your in-office team can type up notes, and make a few clicks to assign a job to the nearest tech, or the one who has the most time to do the job. That service tech will receive a notification of a new job to perform, with all the information needed to make it to the jobsite.
In the field, your service techs can be tapping away notes as they work on a tablet, laptop or tablet PC - virtually any mobile device that has an Internet connection. Because work order notes were not transcribed, but are viewed exactly as they were entered by dispatchers, it’s easier to ensure that job instructions are properly communicated.
And when the job is done, your service techs simply need to notate it as such, then your accounting team can jump on the billing process.
With Service and Track making digital work orders so easy to use, it makes you wonder, “Why am I not using it yet?” To learn more about how Service and Track can help digitize your team, email Kenny Wall at kwall@primtek.net.