About Us

Primtek, LLC

 We opened our doors in December 2010, with the simple belief that technology, when harnessed properly, can successfully transform an organization.  We are custom software developers.  From programmers to design team, we work with you to build a product that will increase your company's productivity by saving time, money and resources.
  • Precise & Quality Work

    [Prim] Tek.  Our name says it all.  We provide precision and accurate methodology to deliver a customized product.  We design a product that eliminates unwanted functionality.  We use precise measurements to research your current system, create your product and modify it so that it works for you.  Once the prototype is developed, our testers work out any kinks in the system.   We set up reliable and secure applications with inclusive set of applications to manage your applications.  
  • Latest Technology

    We use latest, most advanced technology.  This allows us to build a better product for you and your business.  Our developers are highly skilled in language and coding such as, ASP.Net, CSS, HTML, Java, Java Script, VB, C#, and more. 
  • Professional Support & Service

    Our staff of professional programmers work with you through the entire process, from inception of the product, to migration and service.  We are extremely knowledgeable in a variety of industry, such as oil and gas, real estate, mechanical, construction, retail and more.